Charles Sturt students embrace new UK graduate paramedic recruitment pathway

20 FEBRUARY 2020

Charles Sturt University has established a new recruitment pathway for paramedic graduates with East Midlands Ambulance Service in the United Kingdom, and cohorts of paramedic students and graduates are embracing the opportunity to work there.

  • Charles Sturt University offers its paramedic graduates a new recruitment pathway with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) in the UK
  • Charles Sturt is the first external international university to set up paramedic placement program with EMAS

Charles Sturt University has established a new recruitment pathway for paramedic graduates with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) in the United Kingdom (UK), and cohorts of paramedic students and graduates are embracing the opportunity to work there.

Two final-year paramedic students, Ms Miranda Rodgers and Ms Scarlett Kidman, are hoping to secure jobs with EMAS, which provides emergency care to more than 4.8 million people, after they graduate at the end of 2020.

Ms Rodgers, who enjoyed a work placement with EMAS in August 2019, said, “The experience of having worked with a UK ambulance service gives me the opportunity to travel the world, while also using my degree to do something I really enjoy.

“I believe that Charles Sturt University has delivered on its promise of career-ready graduates, because every time I go on work experience placement I am increasingly more confident and really ready for challenges that arise.”

Ms Kidman agrees, and said, “I feel 100 per cent confident with both my knowledge and practical skills to enter the workforce as an emergency service health professional.”

Program Lead and Senior Lecturer paramedicine in the Charles Sturt School of Biomedical Sciences in Bathurst Ms Clare Sutton said, “I used to work at EMAS before coming to Charles Sturt University, and this new recruitment pathway was established as a result of recent CSU Global trips to the UK where students were hosted by EMAS.

“EMAS had never taken students from external international universities before, but we set up a new global placement with them in January 2018, which led to the establishment of a new international recruitment pathway.

“EMAS offered places to all the Charles Sturt University students from that original CSU Global trip cohort but only three of our graduates were able to take up that initial offer.

“Following on from subsequent Global trips, the second round of recruitment, with intakes in February and April 2020 was targeted specifically at Charles Sturt University students and graduates.

“EMAS has two further intakes planned for later in the year.”

The first cohort of 14 Charles Sturt graduate recruits based in Leicestershire started on Monday 3 February, and the next cohort of 12 graduates starts in April and will be based in Northamptonshire.

Ms Sutton said, “The UK employs a significant number of Australian graduates and Charles Sturt University has an established record with several services including the London Ambulance Service (LAS). (*See story links below for more information.)

“It’s exciting to have new recruitment pathways open to our graduates, especially with a service like EMAS where our students already have the opportunity to undertake international placements.

“The small number of recruits taken in each cohort will allow EMAS to ensure the Charles Sturt University graduates feel well supported in their new roles.”

Ms Kidman said the opportunity to partake in an additional CSU Global placement in the UK late last year makes her even more excited and confident in her ability.

“EMAS is a well-established ambulance service and provided an excellent opportunity for me to demonstrate the skills and knowledge obtained during my time at university,” she said.

“The UK guidelines and protocols are also advanced and allow paramedic graduates, which I will be from November 2020, to perform skills that I wouldn’t be qualified for in other Australian services, so it’s an excellent way to progress in my career.

“Lastly, the multi-cultural environment and the UK’s close proximity to many countries is an enormous appeal.”

Ms Rodgers agrees.

“I was so lucky that Charles Sturt University offers so many placements through CSU Global, since the idea of working in the UK had always enticed me, but being able to try it through CSU Global’s UK Program really confirmed it as a viable post-graduation option,” she said.

Media Note:

To arrange interviews with Ms Clare Sutton or the students, contact Bruce Andrews at Charles Sturt Media on mobile 0418 669 362 or via

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