2004 Biotechnology Innovation Festival

5 OCTOBER 2004

2004 Biotechnology Innovation Festival on 14 May 2004, Titled "Biological Solutions" at Wagga Wagga Civic Centre, Wagga Wagga

Media alert: 2004 Biotechnology Innovation Festival
Date: Friday 14 May 2004
Theme: Biological Solutions
Venue: Wagga Wagga Civic Centre, Baylis St, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Opening: 9.50am, Friday 14 May, Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute Director, Dr Alison Bowman.
Charles Sturt University (CSU) has joined forces with Wagga Wagga City Council and Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute to showcase innovation and biotechnology in agriculture, particularly the latest research in regional Australia. As part of the Australian Innovation Festival, researchers from CSU and Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute will conduct exciting and informative talks on research, emerging technologies and solutions to challenges in agriculture. There will also be hands-on industry, government and University displays where students and the general public can learn about the career, employment and investment opportunities in the emerging biotechnology industry.

Topics to be presented by CSU staff include:

  • What is Agricultural Biotechnology? –As a co-organiser of the 2004 Biotechnology Innovation Festival and lecturer within the CSU School of Agriculture, Dr John Harper will outline what is meant by agriculture biotechnology, highlighting it is more than genetically modified organisms.
  • Have You Taken Your Hormones Dear? – Professor of Animal Science Martin Sillence will outline research into animal hormones and their implications for human health.
  • CSI at CSU; Veterinary Sciences and the Rapid Diagnosis of Disease – CSU lecturer and veterinarian Heidi Austin will outline the use of technology to rapidly identify animal diseases. The molecular techniques are vital to maintaining healthy stock and safeguarding our farm animals from the spread of exotic diseases.
  • Friendly Fungi; Natural Born Killers! – The CSU School of Agriculture’s Associate Professor Gavin Ash will outline how bacteria and fungi can helps us in the battle against pests and diseases of crops.
  • Why Grow Canola? - Rex Stanton from CSU’s Farrer Centre for Conservation Farming will cover the history of canola in Australia, the advantages of including canola in a crop rotation, and what the future role of canola might be.
  • GM Food: Delicious or Deadly? – Senior lecturer within the CSU School of Wine and Food Sciences Dr Chris Blanchard will examine the pros and cons of genetically modified food.
  • The Regulator of the Gene Jockey – Associate Professor Gavin Ash will discuss how genetic engineering is regulated in Australia.
  • Other topics to be presented include:
    • Dr Alexa Seal, CSU postdoctoral research fellow - Flower wars! This talk will look at the chemical warfare between plants and how these chemical interactions could be useful in weed control, as a type of 'natural' herbicide or an alternative to synthetic herbicides.
    • Dr Bindi King, CSU School of Agriculture - Biotechnology of beef; No bull!
    • Dr Heather Cavanagh, CSU, School of Biomedical Sciences - Impact of Agricultural Biotechnology on Human Health .
    • Dr Nigel Urwin, CSU School of Agriculture - Roundup Resistance in Weeds: Why Genetic Manipulation but not Genetic Modification is Useful Here!
    • Dr David Luckett, NSW Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institute, Wagga Wagga - DNA Markers in Plant Breeding - Agricultural Biotechnology to Deliver non-GM Crop Varieties without Controversy.
    • Dr John Oliver, NSW Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institute, Wagga Wagga - The Practical Application of Molecular Markers in the NSW Agriculture Plant Breeding Programs.
    Further information:
    Fiona Halloran
    Media Unit, Wagga Wagga
    Tel. (02) 6933 2207
    Email wagga-media@csu.edu.au

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