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Less means more for irrigating olives

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

As drought grips South Eastern Australia it’s timely to consider CSU research showing withholding irrigation at particular stages of olive growth can save water without reducing oil content and quality.

Collaboration to benefit farming systems

Monday 13 Mar 2017

A new agreement between CSU and seven farming systems groups will foster research, development and extension opportunities to benefit farmers, businesses and agricultural students.

Flower power prunes pests

Tuesday 23 Feb 2016

An international scientific collaboration led by CSU has found flowers around rice crops can have a dramatic impact on pest control.

New alliance targets future of mixed farming

Friday 9 Oct 2015

CSU has signed a new formal agreement with four mixed farming systems groups to develop a strong future for farmers and farm businesses in central and southern NSW and northern Victoria.

New approach to water management

Sunday 23 Aug 2015

CSU wetland ecologist, Professor Max Finlayson, will outline his vision for restoring and managing water systems to regional business leaders from across the country.

New Director for Graham Centre

Sunday 26 Jul 2015

A specialist in livestock production has been named as the new Director of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, a research alliance between CSU and the NSW DPI.

Realities and challenges for Basin Plan

Tuesday 14 Oct 2014

Getting communities involved is crucial to the success of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. That's the message CSU wetlands expert, Professor Max Finlayson, will deliver at the Australian Regional Development Conference.

CSU expert seeks common ground for water

Thursday 29 May 2014

A CSU wetlands expert believes irrigators, environmentalists and water resource managers should concentrate on what is known about using fresh water and water requirements, rather than rhetoric and political posturing.

CSU assists fire-affected students

Tuesday 22 Oct 2013
Due to the current fire emergencies in many areas of Australia's eastern states, Charles Sturt University (CSU) is ensuring that affected students and their families receive the University's sympathy and support.

Debate to nut out food security

Monday 29 Jul 2013
Food security is shaping as a critical issue for all Australians, especially those in the Murray Darling Basin, and CSU

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