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How does rice handle the heat?

Tuesday 14 Feb 2012
The ability of a staple food crop, such as rice, to cope with climate change is under investigation in specially designed growth chambers at CSU in Wagga Wagga.

Expert comment on Basin draft plan

Friday 25 Nov 2011
The highly anticipated draft plan setting out how water will be managed in the Murray Darling Basin will be released on Monday 28 November and CSU has commentators available to provide analysis.

CSU commentators on NSW budget

Monday 5 Sep 2011
The NSW O’Farrell government is due to bring down its first budget since the Coalition won office at the March state election. CSU has experienced commentators to provide analysis of the budget and what it means for the communities of regional NSW.

CSU experts monitor the Murrumbidgee wetlands' big drink

Friday 17 Jun 2011
A CSU research team is monitoring the effects on what could be the largest intended release of water ever used to maintain the ecological health of the Murrumbidgee River that flows across southern NSW.

CSU agriculture students to visit Vietnam

Wednesday 8 Jun 2011
A group of CSU agriculture students from Wagga Wagga will soon swap the wide open plains of the Riverina for the rice paddies and mixed farms of Vietnam.

Carbon and water in the Murray-Darling Basin: a new opportunity?

Thursday 23 Dec 2010
A leading CSU researcher has called for caution amid a recent newspaper report claiming efforts to mitigate carbon emissions in the Murray-Darling Basin could be ‘damaged’ by proposed cuts to irrigation in favour of returning water to the rivers.

International call for more sustainable dams worldwide

Monday 6 Dec 2010
World experts on operating dams, including a leading CSU aquatic scientist, have called for bold leadership from lending institutions, national governments and dam owners and operators worldwide.

CSU experts on Murray Darling Basin future

Friday 8 Oct 2010
CSU experts are well placed to comment on the guide for the Murray Darling Basin plan and its future possible effects on the people, plants, animals and communities that live together in the Basin.

Communities should drive plans to live with less water: CSU experts

Wednesday 28 Jul 2010
Each community in the Murray Darling Basin should have a greater say in how they react to the decreasing availability of water around them, according to a group of CSU researchers who work extensively with these communities on issues such as drought and soil salinity.

Industry support for agricultural scientists of the future

Monday 20 Apr 2009
National and local agribusiness representatives met recently with Charles Sturt University, Australia’s largest provider of agricultural education, to consider how to prepare graduates for work in agricultural industries in the 21st century.

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