Teacher education

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Study shows parents need to speak up for early speech intervention

Thursday 6 Apr 2017

New CSU research has found that parents were more likely to identify common speech disorders in young children than teachers.

Early childhood educators’ protest justified on IWD

Wednesday 8 Mar 2017

To protest against their poor wages and conditions, and timed to coincide with International Women's Day, early childhood educators from 30 centres across the nation will stage a walk-off-the-job at 3.20pm today.

Changing nature of handwriting

Thursday 23 Feb 2017

Research by a CSU academic has found mixed results when it comes to teaching and learning handwriting and keyboard skills to school children.

CSU research reviews PE for teenage girls

Monday 28 Nov 2016

Personal observations of the alienation of teenage girls in PE have prompted a CSU academic to delve into the history of the subject.

Reading for fun develops an essential life skill

Wednesday 24 Aug 2016

A CSU lecturer has published a book she hopes will help address poor literacy by encouraging the enjoyment of reading at a young age.

Indigenous cultural immersion enhances graduates

Thursday 26 May 2016

Fish traps, smoking ceremonies and artefacts featured in a three-day cultural immersion excursion in north-western NSW for students at CSU.

How important is handwriting in the digital age?

Sunday 1 May 2016

New research at CSU will examine the importance of teaching handwriting and computer keyboard skills to Australian primary school children.

CSU researcher named Fulbright Scholar

Wednesday 10 Feb 2016

Striving for a world where deafness is not a disability for learners is the pursuit of CSU researcher Dr Kate Crowe, who has secured a prestigious 2016 Fulbright Scholarship.

PhD changes lives in Central Australia

Wednesday 16 Dec 2015
A CSU PhD student will graduate today knowing her research has, and will continue to change the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Research and classrooms collide with new writing tool

Friday 6 Nov 2015

An online tool developed by researchers at CSU is helping teachers assess, monitor and report on their students' writing skills development.

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