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Paris terror attacks: CSU experts discuss

Monday 16 Nov 2015

In the aftermath of the deadly terror attacks in Paris on the weekend, CSU has experts in international policing and security who can provide commentary and analysis.

CSU policing experts at Abu Dhabi conference

Wednesday 11 Nov 2015

CSU academics and students were among more than 700 police and security experts from 20 countries who attended a major international policing and security conference in the United Arab Emirates last week.

CSU supports international women in law enforcement

Friday 23 Oct 2015

CSU has extended its policing and security expertise to support women in law enforcement in India and the Asia region.

Advancing public order in NSW

Wednesday 14 Oct 2015

CSU and the NSW Police Force have collaborated to develop and deliver a professional specialist training program for public order policing.

‘Best Paper’ award to CSU policing academic

Wednesday 16 Sep 2015

A CSU academic and her NSW Police Force colleague have received an award for the best research paper presented at a recent national simulation and training conference.

Students gain global policing insights in Canada

Tuesday 7 Jul 2015

Seventeen CSU policing students have returned from a study tour to Ottawa in Canada with an expanded view of international policing issues and practices.

Special guests for Rural Justice Conference in Orange

Monday 22 Jun 2015

Special guests have been announced for the 3rd National Rural Law and Justice Alliance Conference hosted by CSU in Orange on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 July.

Time for another gun amnesty and buy-back?

Thursday 18 Jun 2015

A CSU policing and security expert says it is time for the government to consider another gun amnesty and buy-back scheme in Australia.

Manage and mitigate ISIS use of social media

Monday 25 May 2015

A Charles Sturt University terrorism expert says the use of social media by Islamic State in Syria and Iraq can only be managed and mitigated from this point on.

WTO role for CSU Customs academic

Tuesday 19 May 2015

A CSU academic has been honoured with an appointment to a World Trade Organisation dispute resolution panel.

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