New book promotes coworking in regional Australia


A CSU business researcher and innovation manager has laid out the requirements for successful coworking in regional Australia in a new book for entrepreneurs.

Christine SweeneyA business researcher and innovation manager at Charles Sturt University (CSU) has laid out the requirements for successful coworking in regional Australia in a new book for entrepreneurs.

Ms Christine Sweeney has co-authored the publication and an associated website that states what it takes to set up and run an innovative business in a region.

"Innovation Coworking moves the current entrepreneurial focus from metropolitan to regional areas," said Ms Sweeney, who is manager of the CenWest Innovate business hub in Bathurst.

"Regional innovation needs an entire supporting ecosystem comprising a number of organisations and people to make it work. They include accelerators, incubators, corporate organisations, government agencies, investors and universities. Coworking spaces are where the local community, the ecosystem and entrepreneurs bring these elements together."

With co-author Mr Taylor Tran, Ms Sweeney has written a simple, accessible book that covers a number of topics essential for turning an innovative idea into a business.

"The topics include defining and refining an innovation, developing a minimum viable product, digital innovation, social entrepreneurship, business mindset, leadership, finance and raising capital, business strategy and marketing, sales, and design thinking," Ms Sweeney said.

"We provide tips and insights to encourage innovation across all regions of Australia, helping entrepreneurs to move from the idea and freelancing to start-up and strategic business growth.

"In Innovation Coworking we give voice to people and programs that support innovation and coworking in regional Australia."

The associated Innovation Coworking website provides information on upcoming events and special features.

"The website will also soon host, a platform to connect coworking leaders with each other world-wide, and connecthack, an inclusive hackathon format aimed at building the capacity of those supporting, working in or simply interested in the coworking space," Ms Sweeney said.

Innovation Coworking by Ms Sweeney from CSU and Mr Taylor Tran is published by the CVP Strategy Group, and is available for purchase online.

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media for interviews with Ms Christine Sweeney, who is based in Bathurst.

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